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High five to us?

Fans of Connor and Abby from Primeval on LiveJournal

Connor/Abby: High five to us?
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Hi there.

Welcome to "Hive five to us?" a community dedicated to the pairing of Connor Temple and Abby Maitland from the ITV TV show "Primeval".

Anything related to the couple can be posted here: icons, fanfic, fanart, music videos, general post episode squeeing etc.

Membership to the community is currently moderated to prevent spam and for that reason only. We'll validate membership applications as soon as we can after you've joined.

1: All posts must be related to Connor and Abby or "Primeval" or the actors who play them, Andrew-Lee Potts and Hannah Spearritt.

2: Spoilers must be clearly marked and behind a cut - just for clarification this is a UK based comm and anything about any episodes that have yet to be aired in the UK is considered a spoiler. However, as Primeval is aired internationally at different times please be aware of fans from other countries too. If in doubt cut.

3: Biggish pictures and a batch of icons should go behind a cut (apart from a few teasers)

4: Fanfic is welcome, as long as it related to Connor and Abby. Whether they're in a relationship in the fic, if they're both in it and it's not about a different couple it's definitely welcome here. If it's especially angsty or 18 rated please specify. People don't like to be surprised about things like that!

5: Please use appropriate meta information when posting a story. This means you should include, at minimum:

- Title
- Rating
- Warnings, if necessary (common warnings many authors use include death of a canon character, non-consensual sexual activity, violence or other adult themes)
- Summary (a brief statement giving some information on what the story is about)

6: Please tag your posts appropriately. More information on tags can be found here, and includes information on how to alert us to the need for new tags, both for new authors/artists and where a character/pairing/genre etc tag doesn't exist. Members cannot create tags but can use tags that have already been created to tag either their own stories or those of other members.

7: No bashing of the show or any other characters or ships allowed. We're here to talk about Connor/Abby not complain about other aspects of the show.

Maintained and moderated by justtracy & alyse

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"High five to us?"

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