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Title: Fantasies Come True
Author: Evenstar Estel
Rating: M
Characters/Pairing: Connor/Abby
Spoiler: Series 1
Genre: Humour, Romance, Smut.
Summary: A response to a challenge from thewritingbug who wanted Connor and Abby to find each other's respective porn stash. I've set in Series 1, as that poor young paleontology student desperately needed a shag.

Chapter 3

Chapter 3

The next day proved to be a hectic one. Abby and Connor were roused from sleep
at 5am by phone calls from Nick Cutter and Claudia Brown respectively. There
was an anomaly in Islington. After much chaos and near death moments, the creatures
were back in their own time and the public more or less still existed under
a veil of ignorance. The bonus was that they were finished by early afternoon
and after the harrowing events of the morning, everyone just wanted to go home
and relax. Abby needed some way of getting Connor out of the flat so she could
set up her little fantasy for him. He wanted to reformat her computer with some
disks he'd pilfered off the ARC, but she used her feminine wiles to persuade
him to follow after Cutter, who was going to follow up on a hunch regarding
on the origins of the Uffington Horse and its similarity to certain Neolithic
creatures. He was glad to have Connor's along, it would cut his research time
in half. However Abby made Connor promise to be home precisely at 3pm because
she had something special she wanted to share with him. That was all she'd said,
I have something special I want to share with you. Please don't be late.
He was intrigued and a little frightened. Abby had never spoken to him
that way before. He was confused, but she smiled at him and he instantly agreed.
She'd given him the keys to her mini and had Stephen drive her home.

For the next two hours Abby set the stage. It wasn't as if she could transform
the flat into a castle, or something out of Middle Earth, but she did make everything
tidy and put away so there'd be no distraction between Connor at the top of
the stairs on the main landing and her over by the lizards' sun spot. When she
thought about, the slate slab could be construed as an altar. She rearranged
the potted plants and the copious bamboo shoots around the slab to hide the
walls and some of the furniture. She moved the couch out of the line of sight.
She went into Connor's closet and found the replica swords she'd seen him unpack
one day. There weren't plastic, but proper steel. The just weren't sharpened.
She placed them strategically, give the space and air of something she saw in
the paintings she'd seen yesterday on his laptop. It wasn't perfect, but it
didn't need to be. All that mattered was the initial impact. She just wanted
to see the look on Connor's face when he saw a supine naked woman on an altar
beckoning to him like something out of "Conan the Barbarian". It was
completely silly, but it was also rather fun. She didn't mind a bit of role
playing and Connor might not either once he got into it.

At 2:30 she dashed off to shower and remove all her make-up. Connor like natural,
so that's what she'd give him. She made a point of not drying her body off,
thinking of how the rivulets of water would sparkle on her skin in the sun.
Her accomplice in her little plan of seduction was the very complacent albino
python, Casper. He really was the most docile snake she'd ever met and she knew
she could manipulate him just how she wanted and he'd stay there. Rex had watched
the entire afternoon from his perch in the rafters and had now settled himself
in the window sill since Abby and Casper had taken up residence on the slate
slab. With Casper in her arms, Abby lay herself down on the altar. She positioned
herself on her side, so her body was in full view for when Connor came home.
She placed Casper's head between her breasts and looped his neck around the
back of her shoulder, then the bulk of his body under her arm and across her
belly. The rest of his length went between her legs under her knee, then around
her ankle. Casper's whole attitude was basically, Just leave me to my nap,
would you?
, and lay atop her complacently, soon falling asleep in the hot

Abby waited, her nude body, basking in the sun light, her hair still soaking
wet, her body covered in droplets of water with a snake coiled around her. She
knew it was perfect. She looked the part. The only thing missing was Connor.
Within five minutes baking in the sun she began to perspire, making her skin
glisten. Connor was going to explode when he saw her, she was sure of it. Five
minutes later she heard him unlocking the front door and come bounding up the
stairs. She put on her most sultry look and fell into character.

"Hey Abby! I'm home! What was it that you wanted to... to... to..."
Connor's brain short circuited. His words died away and he stood immobile at
the stop of the stairs. There was no denying what he was staring at. Abby was
naked. Abby was naked on an altar. Abby was naked on an altar and soaking wet.
Abby was naked on an altar, soaking wet with a snake wrapped around her. Abby
was naked on an altar, soaking wet with a snake wrapped around her and staring
straight at him. His bag fell to the ground with a thud. He couldn't breathe,
could move, couldn't even think of anything but the image in front of him. His
cock instantly got very hard and very erect.

"Connor, come closer," she bade, gliding her hand over her breast
before extending it to him. He moved involuntarily, as if some magnetic force
was drawing him in. He shuffled and stumbled towards her, his eyes focusing
on her breasts and the thatch of dark gold curls at the apex of her thighs.
He'd never seen a naked woman live and in the flesh before, let along one who
seemed to want him to look. When he was within a close enough distance to touch,
Abby's extended hand closed around the buckle of his belt and reigned him in.
She carefully extracted herself from Casper, laying the sleeping snake on the
stone. She rose up into a seated position and with both hands started to undo
Connor's belt and trousers. He still couldn't formulate words, nor force them
out of his mouth. He looked down and watched what she was doing, as she tugged
down his trousers and then his boxers. When his cock sprang free, there was
an unmistakable smile on Abby's face. When she finally touched him, trying to
close her hand around his girth, but not quite able to fully, he whimpered and
groaned, wavering a little on his feet. He watched in fascinate as she pulled
back his foreskin, exposing the head of his cock. He nearly dropped to his knees
when she swept her tongue over the tip, tasting the drop of precum beaded there.
She continued to smile at him as she closed in, pressing a hot kiss to the end,
then more along the length of him. She countered her kisses with wet licks with
her tongue, especially on the underside where he was especially sensitive. He
gasped and cried and had to steady himself with his hands on her shoulders.
She opened her mouth and took him in until she'd taken the head fully inside
her mouth, suckling gently on it. Connor started shaking, watching as her eyes
fluttered closed and with a deep inhale, took him further and down her throat.
She made a few swallowing motions then withdrew him. With her hand now cradling
his balls and massaging them and her other hand steadying herself on his thigh,
she took him down again. She only did it twice more before he pitched forward
and exploded down the back of her throat. She kept sucking and swallowing until
he was spent, her mouth and lips continuing to devour him until he was soft.
The length slipped from between her lips and she bestowed a last kiss upon him
and looked up to meet his eyes just before he crumpled and collapsed to the

She'd never had someone faint dead away on her. In fact she'd never heard of
it happening. Poor Connor. Well, she supposed she could wear it as a private
badge of honour. She'd enjoyed that. She was glad she was so practiced at it,
otherwise that might not have gone so perfectly. Connor was especially well
endowed and most women would've been intimidated to do what she'd just done.
She smiled at her poor dear Connor laying on the floor. She tugged his boxers
and trousers back on him, knowing he'd probably be embarrassed when he came
to and found himself exposed, despite what had just happened between them. She
was also quite chuffed that she'd rendered him speechless too. She loved making
men lose their minds. Abby relaxed on to the floor and pulled Connor's head
into her lap, gently stroking his face.

"Connor?" she called. "Wake up, Connor." His eyes fluttered
open and she met them with a smile. "Welcome back."

Connor blinked, confused at first and then he remembered. Abby had been naked
and then... and then she'd sucked his cock. She'd done more than that, actually.
She'd deep throated him, she'd swallowed his cum. And then he'd fainted. God,
how embarrassing. He gapped up at her, realizing she was naked still and his
trousers were undone. He was inches from her rosy tipped breasts. His first
compulsion was to put his mouth over her lovely nipples, but instead he jolted
up and turned to face her.

"You're... you're naked!" he exclaimed.

"I know," she replied with a smile. "Do you like what you see?"

"Why... why... why..." He was getting increasingly flustered, gesturing
around him at the little scene she'd set. She inched closed and gave him her
most seductive look.

"I thought you might like it, Connor. I wanted to please you."

"You... you... you..." He motioned towards his crotch, turning beet
red, remembering how it felt to be inside her hot wet mouth. Abby leaned in
even closer until their faces were just inches apart.

"I did, and I loved it. You have a big beautiful cock, Connor and
I wanted to taste you. I was to taste you again, it was yummy." She reached
for him again and he panicked, quickly backing up.

"What are you doing Abby!? Are you drunk?! Did you take drugs?! This isn't
like you at all!"

"I had a change of heart Connor, a big one and it involves you and me,

"What on Earth are you playing at!? You don't want me! You've never wanted
me!" He was fighting back tears and suddenly all the fun drained out of
the experience they were sharing. She wanted to make him happy and now he was
suddenly very upset. She'd misjudged him entirely. She had to handle this carefully.
She had to share more than just her body.

"I do want you Connor. I've wanted you for quite some time, I just had
to work up the confidence to make the first move. I didn't think you ever would.
I think we can make each other really happy. So, I concocted this little fantasy
scene, because I know that's what you like. And I care about you Connor, as
more than just a friend." He stared at her, his lower lip trembling. "I
know we got off on a bit of an awkward foot at the beginning, and I know I put
the moves on Stephen and not you. You have to understand, I'm not doing this
because he rejected me. I'm doing this because in the time we've spent together
I've learned what a good man you are. I haven't had any good men in my life
Connor. I've always known they were out there, but good men never wanted me.
Only... only... not very nice ones. I wanted..." Oh god, now she was going
to cry now. She never cried in front of other people, especially men,
especially boyfriends. She'd always had to be tough, so they never knew how
much they hurt her. Something about Connor made her vulnerable, yet it wasn't
terrifying her like it should have. "I wanted someone who'd treat me like
I was special... someone who didn't treat me like I was just something to use..."
Not every boyfriend had been terrible, but they'd all eventually grown bored
of her or thought there was something new and better around the next corner.
They'd never loved her and she'd never loved them.

"Oh Abby," he whispered. Seeing her suddenly so vulnerable was scary.
This was the real Abby and no one but him had ever seen her. Somehow ignoring
her state of nudity, Connor pulled her on to his lap and hugged her tight, soothing
her with kinds words and the warmth of his body.

"Do you hate me for what I've done? I went about it all wrong didn't I?"

"No, Abby, I could never hate you. It's just that, to go from never being
kissed... to... to that, it's just a bit too much." The traditional
roles were reversed. She couldn't associate sex with real love and he couldn't
think of real sex without it. She realized that his ultimate fantasy wasn't
metal bikinis and mythical creatures. Connor just wanted to be loved. She saw
it now. It was a huge leapt for her, to show him something beyond sex,
but a feeling inside told her it was the right thing to do. It felt right.

"You've never been kissed? Not even once?" He hung his head in shame,
shaking it. She took his face between her hands and brought it up. She smiled
when their eyes met.

"We'll have to remedy that then, won't we? Can we?" With his nod
of agreement, she closed the slight distance between their mouths, gently pressing
her lips to his. He was immobile for a moment, but soon his instincts kicked
in and he started to kiss her back. She licked along his bottom lip, urging
him to open his mouth and when he did she slipped her tongue inside. He wasn't
clumsy or unskilled, but instead was slow and soft, testing the waters, letting
her have control. She curled her tongue around his, gently playing. His lips
were warm and soft, massaging hers. He sighed and sunk deeper, arms wrapping
around her bare back again and pulling her flush against him. They stayed that
way until it was Connor that pulled back, resting his forehead against hers,
still holding her close. "How was that?"

"Beautiful..." Abby giggled and hugged him.

"How's about," she whispered in his ear. "We go lay in my bed
for a while, just kissing. We can make out like teenagers for the afternoon.
Would you like that?" He nodded and squeezed her tightly. When they got
to her bedroom, Abby insisted he take off his shirts so they could touch each
other. He was nervous about it, but surprised her and stripped nude. She was
afterall completely naked, he could be brave and return the favour. When Abby
smiled appreciatively at his body he felt a little less self conscious. She
really was into him afterall and this wasn't some cruel joke about to be played
on him. She took him by the hand and pulled him on to the bed. She lay down
on her back and opened her arms to him. He lay skewed to the side, but so their
chests were pressed together. The feel of Abby's naked breasts pressed to him
made him shudder. She stroked her fingers through he long tendrils of his hair,
guiding him back down to kiss her. Wrapping his arms around her again he rejoined
her. As the minutes passed his confidence grew, soon Abby was following him
if he pulled away, in absolute need to keep contact. She whimpered and squirmed,
begging him to keep kissing her. When she felt his hand upon her breast her
arousal jumped several notches. He gently massaged it, brushing his thumb across
the nipple. He was already hard again, she could feel it pressed against her.
"Connor? Do you want to?"

"Yeah, Abby I want to... more than anything in the whole world."

"Have me then, make love to me, Connor."


Tags: author: evenstar_estel, genre: fluff, genre: humour, genre: romance, genre: smut, pairing: abby/connor

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