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Title: Fantasies Come True
Author: Evenstar Estel
Rating: M
Characters/Pairing: Connor/Abby
Spoiler: Series 1
Genre: Humour, Romance, Smut.
Summary: A response to a challenge from thewritingbug who wanted Connor and Abby to find each other's respective porn stash. I've set in Series 1, as that poor young paleontology student desperately needed a shag.

Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Connor cracked his knuckles and then his spine, working out the kinks. He sat
back and relaxed. He'd managed to stall the virus from devouring all of Abby's
hard drive. He'd successfully transferred all her files to his private FTP site
and could return them once he'd reformatted her computer. There was extensive
damage and the system was in limbo until then. He was going to have to teach
that girl about how to illegally download music and movies the right way, not
to mention getting proper virus protection and not the freeware she'd installed.
He searched around her desk for her recovery disks, but couldn't find them.

"Hey, Abbs, were are your system recovery disks?" he said before
realizing she wasn't right by him. "Abby?" Where was she... oh wait.
She said something about borrowing his laptop. Oh crap! She was upstairs with
his computer and he'd been looking at his pictures... oh god! He felt his stomach
drop and raw panic rise up inside him. If Abby had seen his collection of fantasy
art women she'd surely think him some sort of pervert! She'd kick him out of
the flat for certain. She'd probably tell Stephen and they'd laugh at him over
it. Cutter would kick him off the team again. Connor fought the urge to burst
into tears. His emotions were getting the better of him. All his teenage and
adult life he'd been spurned by women, to the point of humiliation in some cases.
Of course he'd retreated into his fantasy worlds and their fantasy women. No
real one would even give him a second look! At some point he'd gotten used to
the sad fact that he was still a virgin at his age. He could take the edge off
his natural desires courtesy of his own hand, but it would never be enough.
And it wasn't even sex he craved, so much as a way to staunch his inherent loneliness.
It had been just him and his mum for many years after his father had died. He'd
been a meek and sensitive boy and not much had changed. He wore many facades
to compensate and was grateful at least for his intellect. People always came
to him when they needed an academic or computer related problem solved, so at
least he was good for something. It was abundantly clear to him that he wasn't
good enough to be loved by anyone other than family. Abby would never condescend
to accept him as her boyfriend. He still couldn't quite understand why she even
let him be her friend. And now he'd probably lost that too.

"Did you say something, Conn?" asked Abby, suddenly at his side,
touching his shoulder. Startled, he let out an funny cry and nearly jumped ten
feet in the air. Abby studied his flushed face and the shine of his eyes, like
he was holding back tears. "Connor, what's wrong? Weren't you able to salvage
my computer?"

"Wha... what?"

"My computer? The virus?" He gave his head a shake. She wasn't acting
weird towards him at all. Maybe she hadn't noticed the pictures? Maybe he'd
closed the folder before coming downstairs to help her and didn't remember.
Yeah, maybe that had occurred. He breathed a sigh of relief.

"Oh! Yeah... well, sort of. I've got your files stored on my FTP site,
so they're cool, totally safe. I've managed to stop the virus, but I can't return
your computer to its original state without reformatting the entire thing. Sorry."
Abby hugged him around the neck and petted his hair affectionately.

"You saved the important stuff, so that's what counts. I can't thank you

"No thanks necessary! I was happy to help." She let go of him and
traversed the flat, gathering up her purse and her keys.

"I have to pop out for a bit. I need to pick up some supplies for the
pets and a few groceries. I'll grab us some takeaway for dinner on the way home.

"Yeah, yeah that'd be great." She smiled and wave before dashing
down the stairs. Seconds later he remembered that he needed her recovery disks
and rushed after her, only to see her car pulling away from the stop sign at
the end of the block. He sighed and went back inside. He began his search for
the disks in and around her computer, but to no avail. He searched through the
music and dvds, the book shelves, even the kitchen, but came up empty handed.
The only place he hadn't looked was her bedroom. He knew he shouldn't be venturing
in there without her knowledge or permission, but he needed the disks. He'd
only do a cursory search and he definitely wouldn't pry or snoop or anything
like that in the least.

Connor had seen Abby's room before, but hadn't really ever been in it. He was
respectful of her space like a good flatmate should be. It wasn't an especially
girly room, but it was nice. Abby favoured reds for decorating and dark wood
for her furniture and bed. She kept it all very neat and organized. He looked
around her bedside table and her dresser. He took a quick glance in each drawer
and seeing only clothes, quickly moved on. He didn't spend more than a split
second on the one that housed her underthings, despite the urge to molest them
a little. He opened her closet and found more clothes and lots of shoes
and boots. There were a few boxes, but they were labeled as such that they wouldn't
have computer disks in them. The last place to check was under her bed. Jackpot!
There were more boxes, all labeled. He checked through the one labeled "accounting",
but found only past bills, credit card statements and banking info. Another
labeled "school" had all her records and some essays. Abby really
was quite brilliant. She'd maintained a very high grade point average through
her school years.

He went from box to box, not finding what he was looking for. He then spied
one last one, pushed far back behind the others. He got down flat on the floor
and reached underneath, bringing it out. It didn't have a label. When he opened
it and looked inside he wasn't too sure about just what he was looking at. He
picked up something on top that looked like a tube of lipstick. He examined
it and went he twisted the two section, it suddenly began to silently vibrate.
He was surprised and dropped it, watching it roll under the bed. He scrambled
to catch it before turning it off and dropping it back into the box. Digging
a little deeper Connor next found something similar, only it was longer, wider
and curved at the end. Weird. He pressed the button on the end and the thing
buzzed to life, vibrating gently, sending tingles up his fingers and down his
arm. What on earth was Abby doing with these odd vibrating things... oh... OH!
It suddenly dawned on him that he was holding a vibrator. As in one used to
stimulate... oh god. He was holding Abby's vibrator. Abby had a vibrator. The
vibrator he was holding had been inside Abby. He quickly shut it off
and put it back in the box, pushing all of it away from himself, as if he was
afraid of what else she might have in there. After a few moments, his curiosity
began to rise up and he surreptitiously pulled the box back close to him. He
set the two vibrators aside and reached in, hoping nothing in there would bite
his hand off. He emerged with something so shocking that he immediately fumbled
and dropped it. He stared at it for quite some time, verily petrified at the
sight of it. Abby had a great big cock under her bed.

Connor gingerly picked it up and examined it closer. It was fairly realistic,
although it was colored a royal purple. He felt like rubber or silicone. Upon
closer examination it really wasn't all that big. If it was supposed to accurately
represent an erect penis it wasn't any bigger than his own at full hardness.
In fact, Connor thought maybe he was a little larger overall. Irrespectively,
he was still holding a cock in his hands and it was freaking him out. He was
also embarrassed to be jealous of an inanimate object because it had seen more
action than he ever had. He quickly put it away. More digging revealed handcuffs,
nipple clamps, tubes of lubricant and a few more objects for which he had no
clue as to their purpose. Thoroughly embarrassed and ashamed that he'd invaded
Abby's privacy, Connor hurriedly put everything back as he'd found it and exited
the room, walking with purpose into the bathroom, closing and locking the door.
Having imagined Abby with her toys and pleasuring herself had gotten him painfully
hard and he needed to relieve the tension straight away. He undid his belt and
trousers and pulled them down with his boxers. Bracing one hand on the wall
above the sink to steady himself, he wrapped his hand around his cock and tugged
at it urgently. It wasn't enough. He whipped off the fingerless gloves he always
wore and grabbed the hand lotion that Abby used that rested on the shelf beside
the sink. He squirted a little in his palm and began to pump his erection again,
able to glide faster with that little extra bit of help. With his eyes squeezed
shut and his mouth agape, he furiously stroked himself. He pictured Abby laying
naked on her bed, her pussy soaking wet and glistening as she fucked it with
the purple dildo. He imagined her breathing hot and heavy, nipples diamond hard
with a hand rubbing her clit as the fat cock was thrust in and out at an urgent
pace. In his mind she screamed his name as she came, arching off the bed and
moaning her pleasure. Seconds later Connor climaxed, coating his hand with his
release. It took him several minutes to come back to his senses before he cleaned
himself up. He washed his hands and splashed cold water on his face. He looked
at himself in the mirror and his jaw clenched. He felt unhappy and unworthy
once more. He tore his gaze away. He felt so empty.

"Connor! I'm home with dinner!" he heard Abby shout as she entered
the flat. He checked himself, hoping that he looked normal and put on brave
face. He flushed the toilet and ran the water in the sink again to make it looked
like he'd just been using the bathroom as usual rather than jerking off into
the sink. He had to face her now. He had to sit with her and eat dinner, with
full knowledge that Abby had a collection of sex toys. He understood why of
course, human beings were hardwired to want that sort of pleasure. Connor just
wished it wasn't so clinical or so detached. He wished he could be with Abby
like a man and woman should be. He wished she could love him and let him love


So, got a bit angsty there. Poor sad, lonely Connor :*( But fear not, he`ll
get happy towards the end!

Tags: author: evenstar_estel, genre: fluff, genre: humour, genre: romance, genre: smut, pairing: abby/connor

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