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Title: Fantasies Come True
Author: Evenstar Estel
Rating: T (for this chapter, it'll go up to M)
Characters/Pairing: Connor/Abby
Spoiler: Series 1
Genre: Humour, Romance, Smut.
Summary: A response to a challenge from thewritingbug who wanted Connor and Abby to find each other's respective porn stash. I've set in Series 1, as that poor young paleontology student desperately needed a shag.

Chapter 1

Fantasies Come True

2010 Evenstar Estel

Chapter 1

Most men needed a little training, and Abby was willing to accept that Connor
Temple needed some work. They'd sorted out his less than stellar bathroom habits.
She hadn't found any discarded boxers in over a month. The cap was always firmly
on the toothpaste. The towels were neatly hung to dry. Having a a flatmate meant
having to compromise, but Abby wasn't going to settle for living in a messy
hovel. The poor lad had been a student before coming on board with Professor
Cutter and the Home Office. She'd hated living in dorms or shared flats with
half a dozen students. She liked her privacy and she liked a clean living space.
She'd also persuaded Connor to come around to her ways in the fine art of cleaning
up after oneself in the kitchen. He hadn't been hard to manipulate. Tthe skimpier
the panties she wore and the more flesh she showed on top had him eating out
of the palm of her hand. She come to rather like how he always had to hide an
erection when she pranced around in next to nothing. She like wielding that
sort of power. Certainly he was a geek and just a friend, and so not
her type, but there was something endearing about her little paleontologist
that made Abby feel like his dorky innocence might be worth corrupting. Furthermore
he had been showing her his finer qualities these past few months, including
putting himself in peril in defense of her life. That was definitely a turn
on and so was the abundance of chilvary he displayed where she was concerned.
He'd started off a bit lecherous, but all it did was show his obvious inexperience
with the opposite sex. She hadn't had a proper lay since April when she'd gone
out with that footballer. It was now September and since Connor Temple had come
into her life five months previously she hadn't even had time to go on a single
date. Fortunately for Abby she had a nice box of treasures hidden under her
bed and plenty of spare batteries, otherwise she might've gone mad by now. A
girl had needs afterall.

She wasn't exactly sure when she started wondering just what sort of equipment
her adorable flatmate was sporting, but now that the curious little seed had
been planted in her mind, she found herself staring at his crotch when she knew
he wasn't going to notice. By all accounts, the young man was more than adequate.
She was pretty sure he was a virgin too and that made it all the more tempting.
To have a fine, healthy and definitely cute guy to mold and tutor to her needs
was very appealing. She didn't think Connor would object, once he got over his
painful shyness. He was timid and well mannered with her now, convinced she'd
never have him. He definitely never made a lewd comment. His mother had clearly
raised a gentleman. Connor was almost reverent when it came to her. When they'd
first met he'd clumsily put out feelers towards her and she'd shot him down.
Since then he'd settled for just being friends, but Abby knew he wanted her
and little by little, Abby was thinking that she wanted him too.

Connor rested his forehead against the cool tiles of the bathroom, recovering
from his morning wank in the shower while the last of the hot water beat down
upon his back. It was so dreadful a routine that he almost didn't bother half
the time. Abby was always up first, showered, making tea and feeding Rex when
he stumbled into the bathroom to start the day. There was usually just enough
time for this in addition to having a wash and shampooing his hair. He couldn't
remember the last time he hadn't dreamt of Abby the night before and
woken up with a problem in the morning. He'd throw on his robe and make his
way downstairs, carefully avoiding Abby and praying she'd never notice he was
aroused. Last night's nocturnal imaginings had featured Abby stark naked (as
was typical) riding on the back of a dragon. It was preposterous and absolutely
weird, but his subconscious was very clear on what his particular kink was -
Abby was his ultimate fantasy woman. He was his ultimate woman, period. Connor
was just sentimental enough to believe in love at first sight and really believe
it too. He'd tried to be suave and failed miserably. He'd abandoned suave for
being himself and that had at least earned her friendship. He could live with
that, but being as he was head over heels in love with Abby Maitland, it was
a torturous endeavour.

Abby was as lovely a girl he could've ever imagined, but that wasn't to say
she was perfect, and Connor understood this. She was a real bear when that time
of the month came around. She'd hated his slovenly habits, but changing them
had made her happy, so it was no big deal. She couldn't cook to save her life.
She spoke before she thought things through and some of the things she'd say
could be hurtful. She flirted too much with the random men she met. Underneath
that superficial layer Connor thought maybe something unfortunate had happened
in her past. The real Abby remained very guarded and put on this strange affectation.
When it came to her work she was as tough as nails and tenacious when it came
to the creatures, the anomalies and this strange new world they found themselves
in. Connor knew he knew the real Abby, the one that loved animals and sometimes
sat a the window and looked sad when she was certain he was asleep upstairs,
only he wasn't. He wanted nothing more than to make her happy. He wanted to
find out what sad secrets she kept hidden, so he could work at taking the pain
of them away. He wanted to love her and be loved in return.

He sighed and finished his shower before stepping out and wrapping a towel
around his waist. He hung his robe up on the back of the door next to hers and
gave his head a shake. He had to stop being so maudlin in the morning. It messed
with his head and set a weird tone to the day. It was a new day and there could
be an anomaly and some new strange glorious creature could come through it and
turn the world on its end. That was something to smile about. He ran his brush
through his damp hair to work out the tangles. It was getting pretty long, maybe
it was time to get it cut. He gathered up the discarded boxers he'd slept in
and tossed them in the laundry hamper before exiting the bathroom to make his
way back up to his loft.

Abby watched appreciatively as Connor's lean body moved from the bathroom and
up the stairs. Wrapped with only the towel around his waist she could see how
well defined his body had become over the past several months. Chasing dinosaurs
was a great exercise program. He'd been a bit soft when they'd first met, but
he'd since shed those few pounds and now was quite fit. Without his one size
to big clothing in endless layers piled on him, he had a very desirable body.
The sight of him in the morning as he traversed the distance between the bathroom
and the stairs up to the loft lately left her squirming in her seat. She sighed.
Fantasizing about her flatmate was going to become a major distraction and fast.
She wondered if she had time for a quick dive into her treasure chest before
they left for work?

When Abby emerged from her bedroom looking a little flushed Connor wondered
what she'd gotten up to whilst he'd been upstairs getting dressed. "Ready
to go?" he asked, slipping his laptop into its bag and pulling the strap
over his shoulder. "You okay? Your face is a bit red."

"I'm fine. Just had to... uh, lift a heavy box down from my closet, needed
something," she replied, trying to compose herself.

"Okay. Next time just ask me, I'd be happy to help you with your box."
Abby let out a tiny squeak, her mind immediately going to a very naughty place.

"You sure you're okay?"

"Yes! Time to go!" She pushed passed him and rushed outside. They
were anomaly free for the day, dividing their time between strategizing at the
Home Office and convening at Cutter's office at the university for further discussion.
It was relatively boring, but it left them with plenty to mull over once they
got home. Connor busied himself on his laptop, eventually venturing upstairs
with it when he needed to find one of his data disks. Abby tended to her lizards,
laying the iguanas out on the new coffee table sized slate slab she'd acquired
to create a sunning spot for them by the bank of windows. She'd placed numerous
potted tropical plants around the area to make it as hospitable as possible.
The lizards loved the late afternoon sun, when it was its hottest and they had
at least two hours to soak up the natural light and heat. The six foot albino
python called Casper was especially fond of being draped in the tree branch
Abby had a carpenter fashion into a free standing perch. After Casper's afternoon
mouse for lunch, he liked to bask in the warm rays. It was true oasis. Another
thing Abby appreciated about Connor was his nonchalant attitude when it came
to her animals. He was completely unfazed by their presence. None of her past
boyfriends had ever been as comfortable with her reptiles. Hold up... since
when did she consider Connor a boyfriend? Just because she'd decided she wouldn't
mind having sex with him didn't mean she wanted a boyfriend out of the deal.
He wasn't even a candidate! Or was he...

Rex broke her out of her deep thoughts when he landed between the two iguanas,
Cleopatra and Caesar, and settled down for his own afternoon sun bath. She sat
down with them, lightly stroking Rex's fringe. "What am I gonna do, guys?"
she asked. Rex chirped in reply. "Yeah, that's what I thought you'd say.
You're just on his side because he gives you the pineapple off his pizza!"
Abby left her animals and ventured over to her desktop computer. She still kept
in contact with the Wellington Zoo, especially where the reptiles were concerned.
She wanted to watch the live feed they'd set up in Bran and Angelina's pen,
as well as answer any emails she might have. When she shook the mouse and the
screensaver disappeared, she found something really weird happening on the screen.
Numbers and letters were flying all over the place. That was definitely not

"Connor!?" she called. Seconds later she heard him rushing downstairs
towards her.

"Abbs? What's the matter?" he asked, a little out of breath and looking
flushed much like she had this morning.

"What's that?" she asked, pointing to her computer screen. Connor
looked and his face fell.

"Bugger! Get up, let me try..." He ushered her out of her seat and
sat down, quickly beginning to type away at her keyboard. "It's a virus
and a nasty one at that. It's eating your hard drive, for lack of a better term."

"Can you fix it? I've got all my research on it!"

"Haven't you got it backed up?" Abby shook her head, feeling rather
foolish. "Uh, right. Um... I'll try and nip it in the bud, but it might
be too late. I can probably save some files. Uh... it'll be a while."

"Okay, however long it takes, just please save me! The past year's work
for the zoo's on there. If I don't hand in the whole package, the zoo won't
get it's grant. It's really important, Connor."

"I'll do my best." She hugged him and kissed his cheek.

"Thank you! Thank you!" He quickly turned beet red, all the way up
to his ears. Any contact with Abby always did that to him.

"I'm just gonna pop up to your room and use your laptop if that's okay?"

"Huh? Oh sure..." He was already engrossed with trying to save her
poor computer that he wasn't even aware of what he'd agreed to.

"Thanks, Conn. You're a hero!" He grunted a response, busily clacking
away at the keyboard trying to subvert the virus' attack. Abby bolted upstairs
and found Connor's computer open at his desk. She sat herself down and opened
another browser to check her email. She answered the most important ones and
deleted a tonne of spam. She closed the browser and was about to shut the laptop
down when she noticed that Connor had a folder minimized, one labelled "Nemow
Ysatnaf", fantasy women spelled backwards. She knew she shouldn't
be snooping around on his computer or in his files, but it was like a beacon
calling her in. She stopped and listened and could still hear him typing away
downstairs. She sent him a mental apology before clicking and opening the folder.
Wow. When he'd labelled them fantasy he wasn't kidding. There were hundreds
of pictures in the folder, all of nude women. Oh. My. God. She'd found Connor's
porn stash! Well, it was nice to get confirmation that he was just like every
other red blooded male. She clicked on an icon and the image popped up in the
picture viewer in living colour. It was then that Abby discovered that it wasn't
a photograph but a painting. The woman pictured was pleasuring herself with
her hands between her legs and in the background other women were in various
poses mating with demonic males. It was strange and captivating and rather erotic.
She clicked to the next one and it was another painting, this one of a voluptuous
woman on full display as multiple hands emerged from the ether and groped and
caressed her body. Abby clicked again and found herself looking at another painting,
one that both shocked and aroused her. An obscured woman was on her knees, sucking
off a man who was part beast while another sat atop his shoulders, his face
buried between her legs. The next showed an angelic woman with strange wings
coupling with a warrior, followed by one of a woman in the clutches of a half
man half vampire bat. One after the other showed these gorgeous women with strange
lovers from other worlds.

It wasn't at all what Abby had expected from Connor. Most men liked pornography
to one extent or the other, that was no secret, but what Abby was looking at
was very different. It was artistic and erotic, suggestive rather than blatant.
It was pure fantasy. In its own strange way it aroused Abby more than the regular
sort she'd expect to find in a twenty-something man's porn stash. Connor had
hidden depths, even in his choice of erotica. The last image she clicked on
almost sent her over the edge. There before her were dozens of figures all writhing
and mating in a swirling mass of bodies across the canvas. Abby closed the picture
viewer and the folder. If Connor realized he'd left it open for her to peruse
he'd be utterly mortified. She did feel guilty for looking in his private files,
but it had given her some ideas. Connor liked erotica over the raunchy hardcore
stuff. He liked supple, natural women. She could do that. She was petite, but
she was curvy. Connor liked atmosphere and mystery. He liked other worlds, the
stuff of fiction. A sly smile spread across her face. She was going to make
Connor's fantasies come true.



If you're curious to view the paintings described above, links are below.
Warning, everybody's naked!

Alone: http://www.imaginistix.com/details.cfm?Id=771

Hands: http://www.imaginistix.com/details.cfm?Id=285

Totem Pole: http://www.imaginistix.com/details.cfm?Id=366

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Vampire's Kiss: http://www.imaginistix.com/details.cfm?Id=614

The God Makers: http://frankfrazetta.org/viewimage.php?loc=frank_frazetta_thegodmakers.jpg

Tags: author: evenstar_estel, genre: fluff, genre: humour, genre: romance, genre: smut, pairing: abby/connor

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